DonCTD Partners

Despite not having the warmer benefit of a face to face relationship, I wanted to take a moment to offer you our praise for taking excellent care of our tax needs.  Your responsiveness and professionalism are first rate — and I’ve been to a lot of tax rodeos!

I was very pleased and impressed with the ability to authorize our tax return signatures remotely.  You would have smiled at how 21st century the process was on our end.  I downloaded the returns and printed the proper vouchers on a tiny Canon inkjet we carry in the motorhome.  I asked my iPhone where the closest US Postal Service office was and it directed us through the confusing southern California freeways and streets to a large post office in El Cajon.

Tonight finds us in Moab and right next door are our friends who bought our previous motorhome who we’ve met here for a couple of days of “RV Orientation Camp.”  Yesterday we were in Sedona, and you can read about our travels here and also see the website that I conceptualized and manage for Winnebago.  As you saw from our return, I’ve got a hobby with benefits!

Our first trip in our new motorhome this year was all the way to the Florida Keys.  On the way we stopped off to visit my former accountant and dear friend, Bill Schmitz.

Bill was a junior associate at Price Waterhouse when my parent’s attorney introduced them to him.  From my first tax return at the age of 15 to until Bill retired, we had a working relationship for 32 years.  Of course when we saw him in February he asked, “are you happy with the firm you’re working with?”  I told him it took a couple of other tries, but that I’m very satisfied with your firm.

Around that same time back in the 70’s, my mom also met Mark Lindau when she was looking for a higher yield than my parent’s passbook savings account.  By my quick reckoning, Mark and I have worked together now for three decades.

The point of these stories is that relationships count and I am always very grateful of those who are working on my behalf.


Susan GranbyManager

I’ve been using Lippa & Associates for our personal taxes for over 11 years. He handles everything for us now, and is very trustworthy.

Steven PerforsOwner

First year owning a business, I needed someone who I could trust to take care of my personal and business taxes. David and his team handled it like true professionals, I never had to worry about anything.